Bisigi Project

Bisigi themes are not maintained anymore...

But if you use Mate, you can always use them!

Welcome on the new bisigi website. I used html5 and Css3 to build it, so, to have a good navigation experience, please use a recent version of your webbrowser! and prefer firefox ;)

fleche indiquant le slideshow

Our Themes!

Airlines theme screenshot
Eco theme screenshot
Ellanna theme screenshot
Split theme screenshot
Aquadreams theme screenshot
Balanzan theme screenshot
Bamboo Zen theme screenshot
Bamboo Zen
Exotic theme screenshot
Infinity theme screenshot
Orange theme screenshot
Showtime theme screenshot
Step into Freedom theme screenshot
Step into Freedom
Sunrise theme screenshot
Tropical theme screenshot
Wild Shine theme screenshot
Wild Shine
Empty theme
mate desktop logo

Works on Mate

Bisigi themes works on MATE. MATE is a fork of Gnome 2. It provides an intuitive and attractive desktop to Linux users. (

attic icon

Bisigi's Attic

All preparatory works are now available!!! you can download it and use it as you want!!! It includes all graphic stuff, logos, wordpress template etc
Click here to download preparatory stuffs

You want to install the theme on mate? It's really simple, you just have to:

  1. choose your theme
  2. download it here
  3. Extract the content of the archive
  4. Install each part of the theme. You just have to make a drag and drop of the gtk archive, the icons archive and the wallpaper in appearance preferences

François Vogelweith – themes creation and project coordination
Adrien Beudin – .deb packaging
Oswald-p – Updating karmic versions

A big thanks to every people who helped this project. Thanks for your support, your advices, your donations...
Spécial thanks to Mouna, Aurélien Paulus , Chris Martel, Andreas Kölbl, Davide Bagarotti and José Luis Rambaut, who made the previous website available in several languages